tirsdag, juni 05, 2007

Den danske kvinde med skæg

Samuel Papys skriver i sin dagbog, 21. december 1668:

"First went into Holborne and there saw the woman that is to be seen with a beard; she is a little plain woman, a Dane, her name, Ursula Dyan, about forty years old, her voice like a little girl's, with a beard as much as any man I ever saw, as black almost, and grizzly. They offered to show my wife further satisfaction if she desired it, refusing it to men that desired it there. But there is no doubt but by her voice she is a woman; it begun to grow at about seven years old - and was shaved not above seven months ago, and is now as big as any man almost that ever I saw, I say, bushy and thick. It was a strange sight to me, I confess, and what pleased me mightily."